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Sade Tyler MA, LPC,PLPC

Crystal Williams MA,TLCP

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Making YOur LiFE Better One Session At A Time 

Sade Tyler MA, LPC,PLPC


The Why for Sade

Sade Garr-Tyler is a native of Kansas City, Kansas. She has

faced numerous adversities throughout her lifetime. From

these past painful experiences, she has seen firsthand the

impact poverty, homelessness, parental substance abuse,

sexual abuse, divorce and abandonment issues can have on

an individual. Sade’s traumas have revealed to her the God-

given ability of perseverance, resiliency and encouragement to Rise Up!


Sade believes everyone has the ability to rise and become their true resilient selves, but life’s uncontrollable circumstances, past traumas, unresolved hurt and painful relationships have enabled us to utilize it. 


She was raised in the inner-city  and is extremely proud of where she comes from, which has made her passionate about normalizing the counseling experience for those with the same or similar upbringings . She strives to do this by being transparent and her true authentic self in and out of her therapy room. In hopes to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health in rural, black and brown communities.


Therapeutic Approach

Sade works from an attachment and family system lens. This allows her to view the whole person in lieu of their childhood experiences and current relationships to assist them in gaining insight, self-worth, and determination needed to Rise UP.

She specifically tailors her therapy work to each client, utilizing an integrative approach.  Amongst those approaches Sade utilizes empirically  researched treatments such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)  and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  (EMDR). This allows her to specialize in treating trauma, identifying and restructuring negative thought patterns. 


Clientele Demographics: Teens, Adults, Families, Couples, and Groups 


Education and Training 

Sade is an alumni of Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, Kansas and is proud to be a Bulldog for life.

She earned her undergraduate degree at Dallas Christian College in Farmers Branch, TX. in which she obtained a Bachlors of Art in Psychology and Bible and minored in Youth and Family Ministry.

Sade obtained her Masters of Arts in Counseling at MidAmerica Nazarene University in 2020, with emphasis on Marriage Couples and Family Therapy. 


Specialized Training: EMDR  and Prepare and Enrich Facilitator.

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The Why For Crystal

Crystal is a native of Kansas City Kansas, whose primary

joy is to serve as a guide and companion on the healing journey

of freedom and resiliency of others. Despite the numerous 

adversities Crystal has faced, she has championed being the hero

of her own story and has chosen to utilize her god given abilities to

aid in helping others Rise UP and become  the hero of their own

story. Her encouragement to those whom she walks alongside in

practice is, “You ARE capable when you are willing, and you are

empowered beyond measure - even if you don’t know it…yet.”



As a licensed professional counselor, Crystal has utilized her experience,

education and training to become a well-rounded trauma competent



Therapeutic Approach

Her counseling work specializes in the area of trauma – however, she offers services that address all sorts of issues, distresses, and disorders. She finds that focusing on trauma processing and recovery as a treatment approach targets the precipitating events, memories, and triggers impacting our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


While she works with clients suffering many different traumatic experiences, her strength is that which involves violence and exploitation of a sexual nature. This concentration lends itself to her commitment to abolitionism and activism in the fight against systemically oppressive systems through the artillery of her spiritual, experiential, and educational prowess.


Through the use of evidenced-based research in cognitive behavioral therapy, her counseling services seek to collaborate with clients in not only identifying the problems disrupting their quality of life – but also fortifying them with tools and skills that strengthen their self-awareness, self-esteem, and ability to self actualize. 

Clientele Demographics: Adults

Education and Training

Crystal obtained her Master of Art in Counseling, in 2020, at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Specialized Training: EMDR

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